We are focused on overcoming the consequences of the war and preventing a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

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Who we are

We are the officially registered Ukrainian inclusive charitable non-profit foundation.

The primary objective of the Foundation at the time is to overcome the humanitarian catastrophes in Ukraine resting from the armed aggression and invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Peaceful and innocent civilians (including children and seniors) are traumatised and are dying. Our country needs humanitarian aid in all areas. 

Help goes directly into the hands of those who need it and will not survive without it.

  • Through the volunteers involved with our organisation, we deliver food, medicine, clothing, and other humanitarian supplies to the most affected regions.

  • We organise the evacuation of people from devastated cities and villages, and provide them with shelter in safe places.

  • To be sure that help will be delivered to those who need it most, we work official requests of municipalities, hospitals, registered volunteer organizations, etc.

Become part of the global cause of helping Ukrainians in the fierce struggle against our brutal invaders - support our activities!


Our activities

Humanitarian aid

More than 500 tons


Near 1 000 people


More than 400 m³ 


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Extract from the Unified State Register

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Charter of the Foundation