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Our friends from the State Special Service of Transport filmed a short video about one day of work of the sapper unit in Gostomel, which was liberated in the spring of 2022.

In recent months, more and more appeals have been received to our Foundation "The Source of the Revival of Ukraine" regarding the problem of demining the liberated territories. Therefore, one of the priorities of our team in 2023 is to provide engineering and demining units and humanitarian demining groups with vehicles, special equipment for demining and unique drones for detecting explosive objects. During 2023, we plan to provide at least 30 engineering and sapper units with the much-needed equipment.

Small first step in this direction is the collection of funds for the provision of the first such sapper unit, which will very soon begin to perform combat tasks of demining infrastructure facilities in the de-occupied territories.

You may donate by PayPal here:

Traditionally in Ukraine, St. Nicholas Day 19th of December is always associated with a miracle, good deeds and sweet gifts for children. On this day, according to legend, Saint Nicholas gives children gifts under their pillows. This year, our team became "Santa Clauses" and organized a small holiday for children who were forced to leave their homes due to the war. Many have already been left without a home. Now the children live with their parents in a hostel in Lviv. The day before, we gave gifts to children in special Christmas socks. Gifts were selected individually for each child according to age and gender. Happy smiles of children and their parents - the highest reward for our team! Children are our faith in a peaceful future. In addition to the holiday, we try to give joy every day, as we send our "Charity baskets". where we also put children's toys and sweets.

In Kherson, our team delivered humanitarian aid to 5 places: - Provided equipment to the local fire department. - Provided help in the form of baby diapers, clothes and bottles for babies to the gynecological department. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the maternity ward hasn't receive any help from the state in the form of baby boxes for young mothers. We managed to provide the essentials. - We provided humanitarian aid to the humanitarian hub, which takes care of culture and education workers, students and pensioners. - Products and clothes were taken to the district humanitarian hub, which provides assistance to the civilians according to the lists provided by the responsible persons of each building in the district. - We visited the central square of the city of Kherson, where food kits were distributed to the needy and toys for children.

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