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Some time ago we made a mission to one of the Villages in the Kyiv region, that has experienced the occupation of russian invaders.

Then it became clear that only one visit of volunteers can't resolve the humanitarian crisis there. That's why we decided to repeat the mission and bring aid to Olizarivka village again.

Our friends from Ternopil and Lviv helped us with product supplying.

From which individual product packages were formed.

Ruined roads creat difficultioes with providing help to the village residents.

Exploded bridges, mined roadsides, funnels from shells - such a landscape is left behind by the invaders.

Total destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure is a horrible picture that is already common in the deoccupied territories.

Like last time, we go around the houses and distribute aid to the locals who still need help.

There are few families with children left in the villages and special attention is paid to them.

We visited also grandma Nadiia (her name translated as Hope).

She was left alone after the death of her sister. We do hope our visit helped her not only materially, but also consoled her.

Small villages in the deoccupied regions still urgently need help with food, medicines and hygiene supplies. One-time assistance can't completely overcome the humanitarian crisis there. People need constant and massive assistance.

The war has taken away their present, but together we are able to build the future.

Join the cases of saving the people affected by cruel and unfaif war!


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