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MISSION: Food for the ruined villages

Handing out the rations in Olyzarivka village, Kyiv region

With the joint efforts of many sincere people who helped us collect food and other humanitarian items, residents of one of the villages of the Kyiv region received help.

Probably there are almost no people left in the world who do not know about the atrocities of the Russian invaders in the Ukrainian land. Blood-chilling footages from Bucha, Irpin and Borodianka spread all over the world.

But a quantity of towns and villages that survived the occupation and where its consequences are no less terrible, went unnoticed.

Russian occupiers ruined residential buildings, stores, schools, hospitals - everything.

People have been hiding in cellars for more than a month without food and electricity. They even couldn't bury the dead.

And now, when a wave of invaders rolled back, they found themselves among the ruins of their homes, without any help.

From donated products we formed individual packages with food rations and hygiene items. Then, we gave the packages to the residents of one of damaged villages - Olyzarivka in Kyiv region. The village had 411 residents before the war. Now less than half remain, the others have left or died.

Most of the residents who remained in the villages are the elderly who have no strength to leave the place where they have lived all their lives. There is no one to take care of them, except strangers but concerned people.

Receiving packages with basic products, people are crying with emotion. Now they know that they weren't forgotten, and they will be helped and taken care of.

We encourage everyone to join such activities - on their own or with us. Ukrainian people need our help! A package of simple food is a matter of survival for them.

Join us!


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