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Children Day 1st of June 2022

On the 1st of June international holiday Children Day our volunteers visit Zhytomyr orphanage and Lyceum that became new home for families with more than 30 children.

In May we received official request from Zhytomyr orphanage and shelter to help with supplies and organise celebration for children. We made big work with our foreign friends. We express our gratitude to family couple from Canada Michael Garnett and Rebecca Rider Garnet for sponsoring in buying toys for children. Our wonderful English friend Alison Piper for help with products, hygiene in Poland. Grateful to Ukrainian bakery companies “Biscotti” and “Dobryj Vechir” for supplying biscuits and sweets for celebration.

We made great job all together! “Source of Revival of Ukraine” as Charity Foundation want to move forward to help children more on a regular basis. We have purpose to expand our help to more shelters, orphanages around Ukraine to save childhood of small Ukrainian and to give hope for better future.

If you want to help children, please contact us!



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