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Charity box from “Source of Revival of Ukraine”

From May we started program of precise help to Ukrainian families suffered from the consequences of war. Those are families with children, elder people whose homes are damaged or they just moved to feel more safe to the another regions of Ukraine.

How we proceed requests?

1. Receive request for help in our Instagram or Facebook page

2. Ask for confirmation documents, that was given by local authorities. In Ukraine we call them certificate of an internally displaced person. Or ivy could certificate of large family (from 3 and more children).

3. Confirm precise request. It could be food, children hygiene like diapers, napkins, clothes. Also ask about pets in family.

4. Collect all supplies we have in one charity box. Usual range of weight from 10 till 30kg

5. Send it by Ukrainian post service “Nova Poshta”

6. Receive photo reports and words of gratitude from people whom we helping.

This project focused on helping the most vulnerable families, where parents are separated because of war or because of small children they have no opportunity to have work in another city. Those boxes are not only about help with food and some extra needs, but it’s also about humanity and joy. Every box has some sweets and toys for children. Our team trying to satisfy needs of all members of family. We ask sex and age of all children in family to put in box something special and useful. All is making with love and kindness of our volunteers.

This is not one time help. We want to help on regular basic families every 3-4 weeks as we already do. So families who received boxes in may already got second box in June.

Our organization express our gratitude and respects to our partners, who support us with all supplies like food, medicals, hygiene, clothes and toys: Hilfsaktion Roman, Folkowisko Foundation, Connect Aid, Aid4Ukraine Hebburn. All together we make good job!

But now we ask for help. Our charity box we send for free, so the recipient doesn’t pay for delivery. Usually cost of delivery ranges between 120-200 uah it’s 3.3-5.5$, average 4$ per one box.

We ask you for help with donations so we can send more charity boxes to families.


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