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May report 2022

The Foundation has very intense activity and sometimes unfortunately there is not enough time to publish the main news. However, we are correcting ourselves, because the main principles of work of the Source of Revival of Ukraine Charitable Foundation (SRUA) are transparency and honesty.

Huge work have been done by our Ukrainian and foreign volunteers since the beginning of the war, but today the volunteer movement is slowing down due to emotional and physical overload. We are living people, we understand that. But it's not about us!

We continue our activities in various directions to revive the country, even when the war is not over and the struggle for a dignified life of our Ukrainians continues.

In May, with the help of SRUA volunteers and partners, we:

- transported more than 150 tons of humanitarian aid

- drove about 25,000 km

- helped people and the military in Kharkiv, Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Chernihiv, Makariv, Ivnkiv district, etc.

- gave Mercedes Vito for the needs of the Armed Forces

- passed 2 generators for the needs of the Armed Forces on the front line

- 100 kg of food kits were sent to individual families with many children in remote areas of the country who have no means of subsistence

- signed a memorandum of cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Association of Public Organizations "Public Parliament" and the Canadian NGO "HUGS".

There is a lot of work ahead, join the support of our team!



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